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Praetorian Technologies: TrackOFF

Category: Freelance, brand creation, web design, and web development

One of my most important projects as a freelance agent was creating an identity for a company that only had a name and an idea for a product at the time. Praetorian technologies was a startup that had a prototype version for a privacy software that would keep users from being tracked online and keeping them from receiving annoying ads. Their wishlist included a brand for their main company Praetorian Technologies, a brand for their product TrackOFF, a fully functioning responsive e-commerce website where they could sell their product, and several promotional ads for TrackOFF.

My Role: Design Lead, brand design, web design, web development

The company wanted to be up and running as soon as possible so I had to skip certain formalities such as mood boards and complex wireframe creations in order to meet their tight deadlines and went right into creating a brand for the company which I was able to accomplish by showing them several logo designs in the tech industry to get a feel for what they were looking for then creating several logos for their company.

After a successfull brand style guide was created I went straight into creating a single wireframe for their homepage since that was going to be the most complex page with all the information about their product. Once the wireframe was approved I was able to design the entire website and make quick edits to any feedback or changes they wanted before the development process started.

The entire website was built off a bootstrap framework to be fully responsive and the e-commerce portion of the site was handled through mailchimp.

I'm happy to report that the company is doing very well and was recently bought by Avast Security and still uses the logo I designed to this day.