Sylvan In-Home Videos

Category: Motion Graphics

Sylvan Learning required a series of promotional videos that would do the following, recruit teachers to become Sylvan tutors, take Sylvan tutors and encourage them to become certified, and show parents that certified in home Sylvan tutors have the flexibility and skills to work with their children. Each of these videos also had to feature Sylvan Learnings software Sylvan Sync which all of the certified tutors use.

My Role: Script, Storyboard, Video/Motion Graphics

I was involved in the entire process of the video from initial kickoff to main video production. To understand what the client wanted to show in each video we created a series of google slides that contained important subject matter for each video and had them brainstorm with us what was important to them and what could be cut from the video. Afterwards we created a storyboard based on the brainstorm session we had with the client and once revisions were made we moved to the production phase. One of the main challenges was that the client did not have completed graphics for their Sylvan Sync software so in order to showcase functionality I substituted app screenshots with motion graphics that gave the idea of functionality.