EcoCRED Video

Category: Promotional Video

Exelon created an app for their employees to help promote and reward being environmentally friendly, but they had no marketing pieces to help promote their app. My goal was to create a promotional video that could be played on a series of projectors throughout their offices to help inform the employees of how to use the app.

My Role: Motion Graphics

The video faced two specific challenges, the first being that not all the screens for the app had been designed so I had to losely show those screens through simplified designs in the video. The other problem was that the budget was not large and Exelon could not afford any voice over work which meant I had to describe the entire app through typography. Having bland text appear as subtitles on the screen as graphics transitioned across the screen would be very distracting so the goal was to incorporate the text as kinetic typography that could be read as part of the animation.