Category: Website, Marketing

The Archdiocese of Baltimore and the Catholic church knew that their image has not been the greatest, but they didn't want their bad image to reflect the people and communities that do good work in the Catholic name to suffer because of them so they wanted to create a site and campaign that showcased those people. The #IAMCATHOLIC website allows the Catholic community to share stories of all the good people do through social streams and well constructed articles of people and organizations that help others.

My Role: Design and Rebrand

This started as a pitch to the Archdiocese of Baltimore, which began with a one on one discussion with my CEO, a whiteboard, and a lot of notes. This was a tight deadlined project since the designs were due the week the project was announced and to save time I moved right from discussion to full blown designs which was risky but since the website was an extension of archbalt.org we would be using their main style guide as a reference while incorporating new features. My main goal was to have the site have that spiritual feel which can be found in nature by having a series of background images blend with the background.