Primary Skills

Web/Mobile Design

I always seek to add at least one or two design elements that help break the mold in current design.

UX Design

Human behavior is something that is always tricky to figure out but having a general understanding helps you figure out what most people will do.

Motion Graphics

One of my hidden passions that I've enjoyed since I first tried after effects, nothing is more exciting than finally playing a finished video.


As long as people like to print out giant banners or pamphlets at trade shows I really don't think print will ever die, so its worth knowing the trade.

My Favorite Work

University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

Whats harder than designing a website for one client? How about a website that satisfies six clients.

Sylvan In-Home

Sometimes a project needs to address multiple audiences and these videos answers everyone's questions.

AARP OptumRx

When I eventually get my AARP card I hope this amazing site is still around for me to use so I can brag to my old friends that I designed it.

QFI Tilemaker

With this app anyone can be an artist as well as learn a thing or two about Islamic artwork.

Maryland Business Roundtable for Education

Introducing the ultimate app to prepare you for college, I sure wish I had this in high school.

Legends of Learning

36 educational video games?! It sounds impossible but I'll do it, for the children because who says learning can't be fun.

Shriner's Scoliosis App

Now I'm no doctor, but this app is the next best thing for detecting if your kids spine is okay.

98 Rock Football Ad

I love Game of Thrones and the Ravens so you can imagine how thrilled I was when they told me I'd make an add that required both.


This app helps you find your ideal roommate by asking you everything including if you do drugs, no I'm serious.

Exelon EcoCRED

After watching this video you'll be more inspired to save the planet than after watching an episode of Captain Planet.


And on the seventh day I made a pretty awesome site for people celebrating being Catholic by sharing inspiring stories about themselves and their community.

Maryland LIVE!

To be honest I've never liked to gamble, but after working on this site I've started to wanna give it a try again.

Currently waiting to be pushed to live.